Celebrating 31 years Peninsula Drums is now the biggest open top drum manufacturer in South Africa

PENINSULA Drums, a 31-year-old company, came from humble beginnings.

In May 1992, Brothers Chocky and Subbiah Moodley, opened the doors to a great new venture – the reconditioning of metal and plastic drums.

With its creation, Peninsula Drums made history by becoming the first black-owned drum manufacturing company in South Africa. 

Once the brothers had the reconditioning of tight-head and open top-top drums under their belt, they began to manufacture new drums and have since then expanded the Peninsula Drums catalogue to include Conical Drums and IBC’s.

Peninsula Drums became a household name, and they soon became the biggest Open Top Drum manufacturer in South Africa.

What set them apart from the competition was their superior quality and reasonable prices.

They are SABS certified and UN approved.

Then in 2012, Peninsula Drums introduced their Conical Drum. The advantages of the Conical Drum included but are not limited to; they are 100% Recyclable, Cost Effective, designed for use with aseptic bags, perfect palletisation & containerisation and 1 800 empty drums can be nested in a 40ft HC container.

And now they have made history again by becoming the first Solar Powered Drum company in Africa and the 2nd largest drum manufacturer and reconditioner in South Africa. Not to mention they are the founding members of the South African Industrial Container Reconditioners Association (SAICRA). Chocky Moodley is the sitting Chairman of SAICRA. 

This had led them to embrace the call for responsible environmental management in the industrial container arena. The Peninsula Drum tagline says it all – “Recycle For A Better Future”.

Their mission was also to reduce their Carbon Footprint and be the example to those around them to follow suite. They would also be putting power back into the grid over the weekends and times they are not at work. They achieved this by installing an entire Solar System at their facility in Philippi Industria. 

This is to reduce the impact we have on the already strained Power Grid and to bring down the cost of the day-to-day business costs. They have been very blessed to be in the current situation they are, where they can make this huge investment. Both from a business standpoint, and an environmental one too.

To celebrate this great achievement, Peninsula Drums hosted a “flick-the-Switch” event at their facility on Friday October 27th, 2023. 

They had some of their top clients come through from all over the country to view and enjoy this great day with the entire Peninsula Drums family.

One of the big highlights was having the privilege of hosting the Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde and Alderman James Vos who did a tour of their new facility with the Moodley family after which they each gave brief speech on their roles in this industry and the way forward.

After the formalities, Premier Winde and Chocky Moodley, “Flicked-the-Switch” to make the Solar System go live. His final point to share with everyone was to keep innovating and growing, just as he has witnessed Peninsula Drums do over the years. 

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