The NewFeed Feeder Protection Relay

These unique features collectively position the NewFeed Motor Protection Relay as a comprehensive and adaptable solution for motor and feeder protection in both LV and MV environments

Versatile Motor Starter Compatibility: The relay supports various motor starter types, including DOL starter, DOL reversal starter, Star delta starter, Dahlander starter, Pole-Changing, Soft starter, OCB DOL starter, etc. This versatility allows for broad applicability across different motor systems.

Configurable Automation Features: The NewFeed Relay is an Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) with configurable automation features. It allows for multiple curve selections, positive, negative, and zero sequence protection, and integrates motor and feeder control functions.

Wide Range of Protection Features: The relay provides extensive protection features conforming to ANSI standards, covering overspeed, underspeed, volts per Hz, overfluxing, thermostat, undervoltage, phase undercurrent, bearing protection, phase unbalance, overvoltage, thermal protection, breaker failure, ground instantaneous overcurrent, and many more.

Configurability and Flexibility: The relay is fully configurable using NewFeed configuration front-end software. It allows the user to customize settings, and event records can be downloaded for analysis. The on-board database stores fault records and event records.

Spectrum Analyzer: The relay features a spectrum analyzer capable of detecting harmonics up to the 37th on any of the three-phase currents. This functionality aids in analyzing motor performance and power quality.

Simulation Function: A unique simulation function is included, which can be used for personnel training or relay functionality testing.

Memory Module: The relay includes a memory module that serves various purposes, including storing relay configurations, aiding in field maintenance, and providing nonvolatile storage for protection settings.

Additional Accessories: The product offers optional accessories such as an external memory module, insulation lock-out module, expanded I/O module, RTD expansion module, and 4-20 mA module, providing additional flexibility and functionality.

Real-Time Clock and Logic Function Blocks: The relay includes a real-time clock, logic function blocks, timers, starter controller logic, and other features that enhance its automation capabilities.

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