The world of WACO – everything electrical!

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, one-stop electrical products supplier and distributor WACO has become a byword as the go to company for everything electrical from wire to household connections, tools and more sophisticated control systems.

Part of the BidvestGroup, Waco positions itself as being both a bulk importer of products as well as key distributor of, amongst others, the  ABB, CCG, 3M, Crabtree and Allbro brands in South Africa, having establish a ‘preferred partner of choice’ status. 

The business’ product range can be categorised, amongst others,  into the General Electrical; Industrial Power and Control; Lighting and Accessories; Aviation Warning Beacons, renewable energy, Cable & wire including WACO-R retail offering break bulk solutions. 

WACO  has a network of branches in the major centres of Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth,  supplied from its head office, located in Alberton, Gauteng. This  11 000m2 facility receives and distributes over 7 200 line items, not only to its branches but also services the local and international  markets exporting products throughout southern Africa. 

Distribution/Target Market

WACO’s prime customers are industrial users, wholesalers,DIY retailers and other resellers of electrical goods.

In addition to importing and distributing finished products, WACO specialises in sourcing quality components and assembling products to meet South African industry requirements.

Product/Service Offering

WACO’s ranges of energy-efficient products are extensive.

General Electrical 

General electrical and hardware products include tools, wire and cable accessories, fans, extractor fans,  plugs, multiplugs, switches, sockets, door entry systems, bells, chimes, batteries, torches, rechargeable lamps and accessories  and time switches.

Industrial Power and Control 

This division stocks circuit breakers, switches, relays, contactors, isolators, industrial plugs and sockets, enclosures, crane and lift control switches, maintenance chemicals, terminals, alarms and sounders.

Lighting fixtures, Lamps and Accessories

WACO’s lighting division consists of two parts; light sources and lamps, which comprise of major brands including WACO’s very own high quality brand at the top end of the market.. The second concentrates on light fittings, supplying both locally manufactured productsand a range of imported light fittings for domestic use.

Aviation Warning Beacons

WACO has their own range of sitelites, which conform to strict aviation standards and is mandatory fitment on all buildings and structures in excess of 35m. Solutions are available in conventional or energy- efficient technology.


WACO-R, a division of WACO, is a specialist supplier to the retail market, supplying electrical, commercial and residential pre-packed products to major retail outlets nationwide. They also supply pre-coiled wire in various lengths. 

It’s only a rare few companies that can claim a track record of providing first class products and services for an unbroken 75 years as WACO can, responding to changing technologies and market requirements over seven decades. Keeping abreast of the latest trends, technologies and market appetite means their range of products are constantly changing and being improved. WACO Industries can be contacted via their website

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