Zinwave fibre based ultra-wideband in a single hardware layer

Bolton Technical, South Africa’s exclusive distributor of Wilson Electronics brands, is excited to announce a major advancement in connectivity solutions for the African market with the acquisition of Zinwave by Wilson Electronics. This strategic alliance promises to usher in a new era of wireless connectivity across the continent.

Zinwave Communications, now a part of the Wilson Electronics group, is renowned for its ultra-wideband RF-over-fiber solutions, having completed over 850 installations in 26 countries. Zinwave’s cutting-edge Distributed Antenna System (DAS) creates a formidable, globally competitive solution that resonates with South Africa’s tech-forward approach.

Jason Gaizley, Managing Director at Bolton Technical, emphasizes the importance of this acquisition: “Incorporating Zinwave’s technology into our portfolio positions us as a leader in wireless coverage solutions in Africa. This development is particularly significant for South Africa, and we are excited to witness its transformative impact on businesses and communities nationwide.”

Zinwave’s acquisition marks a new era in connectivity for various sectors in South Africa, including but not limited to, healthcare, education, hospitality, warehousing, large corporate buildings, airports and public safety.

How Zinwave Works?

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  1. Active/Passive DAS systems deliver one or more wireless signal from DAS head-end equipment.
  2. Radio frequency (RF) signals are transformed into optical signals. These signals are then transmitted to primary and secondary hubs strategically located on various floors or at key areas within a building or buildings.
  3. Primary or Secondary hubs then connect using fiber to remote units in the ceiling to indoor antennas on each floor.

Key Features of Zinwave include:

  1. Ultra Wideband
  • The Zinwave DAS transports more bandwidth than any other product in the market today.
  • The solution covers every frequency from 150MHz to 5 GHz in one layer of hardware.
  • Supports all <5GHz Mobile Network Operator Bands in one hardware layer of equipment.
  1. Multi Technology
  • Zinwave can operate TDD, FDD, P25, TETRA, DMR, LTE, WCDMA, GSM all on a single layer including MIMO at all bands.
  1. Futureproof
  • New frequencies and technologies can be added without the need for hardware or software upgrades.
  1. Efficient
  • The Zinwave solution has low power consumption delivering an impressive 25 dBm composite power to each antenna point.
  1. Reliable
  • Zinwave’s solution has best in class reliability and performance.
  • Product return rate is less than 0.5%.

Zinwave’s team expertly handles all final assembly processes, resulting in exceptional product quality and significantly lower return rates compared to the industry average. Product quality experts at Zinwave rigorously manage the regulatory process, ensuring compliance and certification with various entities including ICASA, FCC, IC, CE, UL, ISO, RoHS, and UK CA.

Bolton Technical provides expert consultation including site-survey and systems designs, seamless installations, and comprehensive support with all Zinwave integrations across Africa.

About Bolton Technical: As a leader in wireless communication solutions in South Africa and the exclusive distributor of Wilson Electronics brands across Africa, Bolton Technical offers a wide range of products designed to enhance cellular connectivity. Their offerings include cellular repeaters, antennas, and RF accessories essential for improving cellular reception and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Bolton Technical’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service solidifies their role in revolutionizing connectivity experiences in Africa.


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